Matt Hanson | Professional Triathlete
5x Ironman Champion/ 4x 70.3 Champion

Certified Piedmontese Partnership

Ironman Champion Matt Hanson and Certified Piedmontese are proud to announce a partnership heading into the 2019 Ironman World Championship. 

Growing up in farm country in Iowa, Matt spent much of his childhood working and playing on his grandpa’s farm. He was excited to learn that Certified Piedmontese had become the title sponsor of 2020 Ironman 70.3 Des Moines, his home state race, and after trying their beef products was thrilled to have found a company with the same high quality he had become accustomed to during his childhood farm days. 

“High quality foods are always important for triathletes, and having the comfort of knowing I am able to get the highest quality possible for the meat products I am eating is very important to me,” Matt says. “I have become a bit of a beef snob being I grew up eating beef that was raised literally in my backyard. I was given a sample of the Hickory flavored beef jerky at a race and knew right away that Certified Piedmontese was a much higher quality product than anything in the stores.”

Triathletes know that their body is their engine and it’s important to fuel with only the best ingredients. Being able to trust that the meat you consume is hormone- and antibiotic-free is invaluable. Matt is excited to be partnered with a company that holds the same standards and values as him, and share this with his large team of age-group athletes, MHRacing. 

“You can watch my Instagram for a steady dose of examples of the entire CP product line. I am so grateful for the support of Certified Piedmontese for myself as well as MHRacing,” he says.

To celebrate Kona race week, Matt Hanson and Certified Piedmontese are giving away a (beef box?) to one lucky triathlete. Simply follow Matt Hanson and Certified Piedmontese on Instagram and comment on this post what CP product you’d love to try for a chance to win. 


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