Matt Hanson | Professional Triathlete
5x Ironman Champion/ 4x 70.3 Champion


41ef7996d05f5bf53dfcc0f1a0a7aed9Every educator wants to be able to give back to their respective fields. Research has always been an important component in my professional life and I have used research to make me better in the classroom.  In recent years, I’ve been able to add research to triathlon as well. I have brought a process approach into both my racing and training. I have also ensured that all companies that I am serving as a brand ambassador for moving forward are companies I believe in and have the science to back their claims. Currently, I serve on the First Endurance Research Board and I’ve also done some research on recovery with a few other companies. While Triathlon seems to be garnering more and more of my time and interest these days, I haven’t forgotten my roots as a researcher/educator.